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Our Mission

To ENHANCE and PROTECT your concrete with our epoxy floor coatings so that everyone may ENJOY!


Our History

From 2004 until 2011, we operated as the PremierGarage of Central Pennsylvania and PremierGarage of Maryland franchises. From 2008 until 2011, we also operated in the PremierGarage of the Brandywine and PremierGarage of Northern Virginia franchise territories.

For nearly seven years, our companies assisted Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia homeowners and small businesses with concrete floor coatings, garage cabinetry and garage organization systems.

While our emphasis was garage makeovers, we also enhanced basements, sunrooms, patios, poolrooms and workshops.  Our commercial projects included restaurants, commercial kitchens, fire stations, kennels, showrooms, food processing, churches, dairies, service bays and more.

In 2011, we changed our name to STRONGHOLD FLOORS and tightened our focus to concrete floor coatings systems.  This change allows our staff to provide additional floor coating systems, increase our concrete restoration capabilities and add more artistic offerings.

Today, STRONGHOLD FLOORS still regularly assist homeowner and homebuilders with garage and basement decorative floor coatings.   In addition, we assist commercial and industrial premise owners, tenants and lease/management companies with decorative, protective and specialty floor coatings.

Our service area continues to grow each year through our own efforts and those of our partnerships with professional organizers, homebuilders and lease/management companies.

Our Logo

Our name and logo are federally registered trademarks and the property of West Ridge Investment Group, Inc.

Stronghold Floors is a federally registered trademark.

Our Experience

  • Polymer Coatings:  Epoxies, Urethanes, Polyaspartics
  • Polished Concrete:  Densifiers, Hardeners, Sealers
  • Coloring:   Dyes, Reactive Acid Stains
  • Restoration:   Self-Leveling, Skimcoats


Our Systems

  • STRONGHOLD FLOORS: Our signature line of  Epoxies, Urethanes & Polyaspartics
  • Key Resin:  Complete line of concrete floor coatings
  •  Sherwin-Williams/General Polymers



Our floor coatings help to enhance, protect and enjoy

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