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Some recent feedback from a customer in Maryland – “After an initial Angie’s List contact and phone call, Dave showed up exactly on time to discuss the job. I was very impressed with Dave’s non-pushy and easy-going nature, as well as his confidence in his ability to do the job to my satisfaction. He described in much detail how his product performs and exactly what I could expect…
So… although Dave said I could think about it and that I could call later to let him know if he earned my business, I decided to hire him on the spot…” – Larre in Ellicott City

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Hello Steve & staff,

Just a short note to say thanks for a job well done on my garage floor on July 19th and 20th of this year. Jed & Dave spent two days and did a great job. They were polite, worked hard and were professional. My wife and like it a lot. I have even showed it to several of my neighbors and friends. They were all impressed with the workmanship, color and liked it a lot. If you get any future prospects in my area, who want to see a completed floor, feel free to give them my phone number to call me. — Roger H. in Lancaster, PA

Every time I walk into my garage, my mood instantly improves. Stronghold Floors did the most amazing job and we couldn’t be more pleased. Steve came to our home and gave a comprehensive evaluation and explanation of the process. The installers, Dave and Davis, were phenomenal. Our new epoxy floor is so beautiful!
Joanna, Coopersburg, PA
My new floor is FANTASTIC!!! You all did a wonderful job. I wrote a nice review of Stronghold Floors on Angie’s List and included some pictures. Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure working with you. — Peter N. near Harrisburg, PA
Dear Steve,

We love our new floor as well as our garage makeover; the combination is perfect, and the choice of color for our flooring complements the almond color on our shelving.We thought the process was fascinating, but we were most impressed with your crew. They were personable young men who were professional and thorough and interested in the details. They did not rush through the job, to get it done on a hot day, and they studied the floor from all angles to make sure every inch was processed according to specifications. After only a day and a half, they were done, but they cleaned the garage and driveway completely; lines and edges were perfect, and there was no evidence that they had been here.

We got to chat with them about the job, their skills, their knowledge of the product and about themselves; again, they took their time and talked to us. We even joked with them when we asked if a qualification for working this job is that they must have a beard. Steve, the young men themselves are a great advertisement for your company. We hope you are proud of them, because they represent you well.

Our neighbors and friends have stopped by, and everyone has been impressed. We asked your crew for business cards, and we handed them out. I bet you will be getting calls for more work because of the great job you did for us.

Thank you immensely.

(We are not members of Angie’s List; we don’t tweet, …. If you want to post this on your website, feel free.)

Alice and Mike in Hummelstown, PA

HomeAdvisor Reviews in PA

HomeAdvisor Reviews in MD/VA

Hi Steve:
I love my garage floor. At first I though it wasn’t going to look right with the paneling, but now that the clear coating is drying it looks classy to say the least. My neighbor came over to see it while your workers were still here, she had them go over to see her garage before they left. I told her when she came over your workers (Michael and Davis were excellent workers. I never had workers who were so organized and particular about their work. Even their truck, there was nothing and I mean nothing out of place. When they told you they would be coming they were almost on the minute. I hope your company appreciates their professionalism they represent for you business! I made it a point to be sure to tell them how you don’t see workers that are a model for the public.
PS: My neighbor told us she just has to have a floor like mine.
Sue P. near State College, PA
Thanks for a job well done on my garage floor on July 19th and 20th of this year. Jed & Dave spent two days and did a great job. They were polite, worked hard and were professional. My wife and like it a lot.  I have even showed it to several of my neighbors and friends.  They were all impressed with the workmanship, color and liked it a lot.  If you get any future prospects in my area, who want to see a completed floor, feel free to give them my phone number to call me.
Roger H in Lancaster, PA
Beautiful job and clean-up. Great company and workers. Punctual, honest and hard working. They explained everything in detail and answered all my questions both in advance and as every step was taken. Included advanced review of their straight-forward warranty. Also included detailed follow-up on how to clean and care for the floor. I would most highly recommend Stronghold Floors for concrete surfacing.
Tom P. in Vienna, VA
Excellent job.The garage floor looks like an automobile dealer’s showroom.  Steve, the sales rep., arrived on time and was very patient in helping us choose the type and color of the finish to be applied.   He detailed the cost of each option , without any pressure to commit to having the work done.   When we did decide to go ahead, the installers arrived as scheduled.  They were very professional and friendly.  They worked neatly and efficiently.
Ross D. – Coatesville, PA
We have used Stronghold Floors for 3 different projects over the past 5 years and have been extremely satisfied with the results. So much so we have referred them to several friends and relatives who have used their coating systems as well. I highly recommend them as floor coating specialists!
Gerry W. – Enola, Pennsylvania

We earned the 2013 & 2014 Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the Epoxy Coatings category.

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Stronghold Floors awarded the 2014 Super Service Award for the Epoxy Coatings category.

Thanks very much. The floor looks great and we are delighted with the outcome. Your crew was polite and efficient and represented your organization positively. My thanks for a job well done.
Bradley in Reston, VA

I have been using their {Stronghold Floors’} services for years. They has done three projects at my home. Mike’s suggestions were great and we were 100% satisfied with the result. I have recommended his services to many of my friends. – Larry H. in York, Pennsylvania


I can’t begin to tell you how much we love the garage floor.  It is awesome, so awesome that I don’t want to put anything back in there.  WOW, what a difference.  I don’t know why we waited so long to do this.   I highly recommend it for anyone who has a garage.  Your guys really know what they are doing and they explained the entire process to me, which you had already done.

It is affordable and makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you again!

Dave & Lisa – Waldorf, MD

Harrisburg garage floor coating feedback on new epoxy and polyaspartic floor covering

Garage Floor Coating Feedback

I found this place on the internet, and since I heard from many credible sources that you should NOT use a DIY epoxy kit from the big box stores, I was curious to see who in my area put these kind of floors in.  (It is worth pointing this out, one thing I heard about the DIY kits is, not only do they fail, but when they do, you can track paint chips into your house on your shoes for years.  That, more than anything else, tilted the scales in favor of consulting a professional.)  Stronghold had a nice website, and the person I talked to on the phone seemed to know what he was talking about.

I called them in Mechanicsburg, and someone call all the way out to Allentown (close to a 90 minute one way trip) to do a free estimate.  I felt their price was fair, and their samples looked good.  I was getting my whole garage redone, and the salesman suggested (wisely, as it turns out) to get all the drywall and painting done before putting in the floor.

This was a 3 day job — since they were so far away, they stayed over for 2 nights (I assume).  The two man crew was younger workers, but they showed up on time all 3 days, and seemed to work hard while they were here.

It is now 6 weeks out, and I could not be more pleased with the result.  Both of my floors look fantastic.  I was a little worried that the coating would be slippery, but it isn’t at all, even when it is a little wet.

One interesting thing to note, and one way you can tell this floor is just as water-resistant as they say, is that even in a light rain, when you bring your car into the garage, the next morning there is quite a bit of water on the floor that dripped off.  I have put a cardboard box, flattened, down under the engines, to catch any grease drips.  When it gets too dirty, I’ll just put a new one down, but I’m sure just cleaning any drips up would work just as well.

I still haven’t gone through a winter with it yet, but I do wonder what will happen if there is a lot of snow on the car.  When it melts, and without soaking into the concrete, I wonder where the water will go.  I try to be diligent about not bringing too much snow into the garage anyway.

Actually, this is one of the reasons I wanted to coat my garage floor in the first place, because salt and water were starting to deteriorate my floor in some places, and I DID NOT want to have to replace that when it started to really crumble (which it did not yet).

My basement floor also looks a million times better — this was a lower priority, but I figured I might as well get it done if they were coming all the way out here.  Now, I am really glad I did.

The only negative about the whole experience is it was not fun to take EVERYTHING out my garage and basement.  It was a good exercise to be able to get rid of some junk that was sitting there for years anyway.  It was TOTALLY worth doing in the long run.

I am still 6 weeks out from getting these new epoxy floors, and so far it is great.  If I come across any problems, I will update this review.  Right now, I am impressed with both the product and the service.  Everyone who has seen the new floors has thought they were great.  I would not hesitate to do business with these folks again.

Richard O. near Allentown, PA
Guys did a great job on my floor.   Great doing business with you!
Donna K. in Abingdon, MD
You guys completed my garage floor last week and I just wanted to tell yoiu how happy we are with the job you did.  Your guys were very neat and informed us of what to expect time wise.  The quality of the flooring is first rate.  I’m glad we went with Stronghold Floors.
Jeff D. in Mechanicsburg, PA
You know, you guys are probably the easiest company I have ever worked with. LOVE your customer service!
Dan @ Frosty Llama in Dillsburg, PA
Your installers were great. They answered all my questions and were very pleasant. Thanks to you and them. I have the coolest garage in our condo complex. Thank you all for a great job. Well done.
Scott in York, PA
I just want to thank you and your crew for the quick response on the floor repair. It’s nice to see a company that stand behind it’s product and workmanship like Stronghold Floors. Tony and the guys did a great job on the repair. Furthermore, they are the type of employees that are very conscientious and take pride in doing the job right. I can see how your company keeps growing with employees like them. I will continue to refer new customers in the future, because I really love my Stronghold Floors coating. 
John C. in Elysburg, PA
Just wanted you to know that the guys who are doing the floor epoxy are very professional and have great attitudes.  I just happened to be at the house this afternoon, and was impressed by their performance and hard work.

Waiting to see the final results, but wanted you to know that these guys are great to work with and are a perfect forward face for your company.

Jeff, contractor in Washington D.C.
Hi Steve.  Just wanted to let you know that we love our floor.  This is our 3rd year with it and it is still beautiful.  Thanks again for the great job.
Candy in Harrisburg, PA
Thank you so much! We are ecstatic about it [new garage coatings].  We are painting the walls this weekend which should pull it all together to make it even more beautiful than it already appears! It won’t even seem like a garage anymore!   Loving it!  thank you again!
Diane in Bel Air, MD
Jason & Russ completed the garage flooring and did a super AWESOME job!!! It was well worth the investment! Thank you, again, for a job well done!!!
Rhonda in Aberdeen, MD
That is one impressive garage floor !!!  It exceeded my expectations – job well done!   Let me know if you’d ever want to show my flooring or need a reference.  You were the most professional of all the subcontractors that I worked with on my build.
Darwin in Shermansdale, PA
Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful new floor in our basement! We absolutely love it. It turned out even better than we had anticipated. It truly helped transform our “cave” of a basement into a livable area that looks great and is easy to clean. Even though you warned us that there might be an odor during the epoxy application, we found no discomfort whatsoever- and my husband is usually very sensitive.

Your flooring experts were respectful, efficient and eager to answer any questions we had, even after the job was done. We will definitely be recommending Stronghold Floors to our friends and neighbors!

Julie & Patrick in Aberdeen, MD
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