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Our Company History

Beginning as a PremierGarage Garage Enhancement Franchise

In May of 2004, we purchased our “dealership” of PremierGarage (later the terminology would change to “franchise”).   After training in Phoenix, we began full operations in August.    Our warehouse was setup in town Mechanicsburg.   At the beginning, we contractually serviced only Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York; operating as PremierGarage of Central Pennsylvania.

Things began at a slow pace, as the very first chemical system had a 50 degree limitation (the concrete had to be at least 50 degrees for the system to cure properly).    At the time, it was based upon epoxy primers and high solids epoxies.    Cabinetry and wall mounted organizers kept us busy until the spring of 2005.

After wrapping up the Spring Home Shows in Harrisburg, Lancaster and Hanover, business began to pick up.

We were selected by Roland Builder and EG Stoltzfus to install our garage floor coatings in their 2005 PA Parade of Homes entries.   We began selling a fair amount of full garage makeovers in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, Lititz, York and Wrightsville.

Introduction of the PremierOne Floor Coating System

PremierGarage installing epoxy garage floor coatings and cabinetry.

Setting up our PremierGarage of Central PA warehouse.

Mid 2005, the franchise system debuted their PremierOne coatings, a floor coating system comprised of hybrid polyaspartic polymer coatings.   This system allowed our franchise to then apply garage floor coatings year round.   In addition, we began to install commercial floor coatings and the HTC PermaShine polished concrete system.

Our sales began to really expand.  We were installing garage coatings and cabinetry in the Allentown, Bryn Mawr, Chambersburg, Lewisburg, State College and West Chester areas.

In spring 2006, we participated in Spring Home Shows in Hanover, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading and York.   Our successes there were quickly followed by selection by several more local homebuilders to coat the garage floors in their 2006 Parades of Homes entries (including the Harrisburg, Lancaster and York parades).

Our time in the Brandywine area

PremierGarage of the Brandywine began operations, which then eliminated our ability to work in Chester and Delaware counties.  Shortly thereafter, another franchise opened in Montgomery County, eliminating our ability to service southeastern Pennsylvania for a few years.

In spring 2007, our dealership began to fully service the State College area by participating in the local spring home show and, later in the year, by being in two homes of the 2007 Central PA Parade of Homes.   We also had garage coatings and garage cabinetry in homes in the Parades of Homes in Harrisburg, Lancaster and York.

Mid-year 2007, we purchase our facility in Mechanicsburg (the old Zimmerman Automotive building right of the Bowmansdale/Mechanicsburg exit of Route 15) and moved our operations in August.   We were beginning to install a fair amount of traditional epoxy floors along with our polyaspartic coatings.

In early 2009, the Brandywine franchise ceased operations and we secured the rights to again service the Brandywine area (Chester and Delaware counties).

PremierGarage installing garage cabinetry in Pennsylvania.

The PremierGarage cabinetry we used to install in residential garages.

Transitioning from franchise to Stronghold Floors

In 2010, we expressed our desire to transition from a garage makeover company to a full-service, floor coatings company and worked out a plan with Premier Specialties (the corporate franchise owner) to end our franchise contract.   By this time, our crews were regularly applying coatings in areas beyond the garage – including commercial and light industrial jobs.   We had moved into applying specialty epoxies and urethanes, along with more traditional epoxies and our “state of the art” polyaspartics.

At the end of 2010 we ceased our major garage cabinetry operations and transitioned our facilities and crews to provide concrete floor coatings only.

Our franchise contract officially ceased on January 31st, 2011.  All customers from start to finish remained our customers and warranties still in force remained.

February 1st 2011, we became Stronghold Floors.   Nearly all staff stayed on during this transition and, almost immediately, the number of concrete floor coatings projects per week took off.   Our commercial coatings expanded into more specialties coatings, such as acid & solvent resistant epoxy coatings, elastomeric epoxy membranes and epoxy moisture suppression systems.

Removing the territorial restrictions imposed by the franchise contract, we immediately expanded our service territory to once again include Montgomery County.    Our intentions were to begin servicing Maryland in 2012, but that became easier as our neighboring  Maryland franchise also left the network and became a part of Stronghold Floors.

In 2014, we applied for a federally registered trademark on our name and logo.  Our claim was registered on January 27th, 2015 (Reg. No. 4,678,160).

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