Trailer Floor Coatings

Trailer Floor Coatings (Great for Box Trucks too)

Protect your trailer’s floor just like the garage!

You trailer’s wood floor needs protected, just like a concrete floor. Our teams install the same level of polymer coatings in trailers and box trucks as we install in service bays, production floors and race car garages.

The difference is in the epoxies used below the final, top coat of polyurea or polyurethane. Instead of a traditional epoxy, we utilize our flexible epoxy which offers greater elongation (nearly 20x more) than our normal, high build epoxy. Greater ultimate elongation of the coating will increase the amount of flex and stretch tolerated in the wood deck.

Don’t waste time and money applying paint or DIY epoxy kits to your wood decked trailer or truck. Drop it off at our Mechanicsburg headquarters. In just days, our crews will have installed a long-lasting, chemically resistant floor coating that drives away with you.

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Epoxy Trailer Floor Coating

Our flexible membrane coatings work great for:

  • Car hauler trailers
  • Landscape trailers
  • Job trailers
  • Racing trailers
  • Luxury toy hauler’s garage(campers/RVs)
  • Box trucks
  • Van Trailers/Reefers
Our flexible membrane coatings can be included in various systems including Decorative Chip, Solid Color (including sand-reinforced) and clear, thin-mil coatings.  Contact us for more details.

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