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Arlington VA garage enhanced by epoxy & polyaspartic coatings.

Concrete issues alleviated by the STRONGHOLD FLOORS team.


Project Details at a Glance

LOCATION Arlington, Virginia
PROJECT Garage Floor Coatings
COATING SYSTEM Decorative Chip, Epoxy & Polyaspartic Polyurea
FLOOR SIZE 512 Square Feet
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Northern Virginia Garage Floor Enhanced

This 512 square foot garage floor probably looked fantastic when it was first finished.  The concrete was obviously power trowelled to a smooth finish.  But, the concrete may have been worked too long or the surface cured too quickly, as many areas had crazed (or map cracked).  Some of those areas began to shed off the power-trowelled cream layer.  The homeowners knew they wanted to do something and began to look for answers on the Internet.   After reviewing several of our web pages and blog articles, they filled out our Contact form.

Dave setup an appointment for the next day.   He identified and explained these issues during the initial sales call.  He also noted everything our staff would need to watch for and be prepared to fix it, should the homeowners wish to contract us.  After checking with some of our competitors, they decided to move forward with us (only took one additional day).

These types of concrete issues are not uncommon.   After grinding open the garages' entire footprint, our crews ensured all weak areas were removed and patched with epoxy and hybrid polymer patch materials.  Our normal coatings process proceeded from there and the entire project was completed on our normal 1.5 day timeframe.

This garage features our Adams decorative chip blend – one of our two most common blends in the Maryland and northern Virginia service area.  In addition to coating the garage floor, our crew also applied the same coatings to the concrete steps into the house.

Other Arlington area projects

In addition to this home, our crews have coated dozens of garages in the area, including McLean, Falls Church and Alexandria.  We have also completed various commercial coatings projects in the nearby area – including racing shops, warehouses, dairies and pavilions.

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