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Gettysburg area garage gets much needed floor face-lift

Multiple concrete problems fixed by professionally installed epoxy & polyaspartic coatings.

1 After coatings, the problems shown and described in the article below are all alleviated.
Gettysburg area garage receives epoxy coatings by STRONGHOLD FLOORS.
2 Another view of the completed coatings in this Gettysburg area garage.

Project Details at a Glance

LOCATION Fairfax, Pennsylvania (Adams county)
PROJECT Garage Floor Coatings
COATING SYSTEM Decorative Chip, Epoxy & Polyaspartic Polyurea
FLOOR SIZE 700 Square Feet
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Gettysburg, PA area garage gets much needed floor face-lift to fix multiple issues.

This Gettysburg, Pennsylvania area coatings project came about due to numerous failings of the concrete floor in the garage. Some issues were cosmetic; others more functional (see pictures below).

  • First, the garage floor’s apron (the concrete beyond the garage door) was breaking down in several places.  The cream layer of the concrete was spalled and hollow in various places across the apron.
  • Second, the concrete floor's porosity made the surface difficult to keep clean and soak in of fluids impossible to stop.  An accident by the puppy dogs were not easy to clean up and masking odors trapped in the concrete was not easy.  This problem would only grow worse over time as the top of the concrete wore down.
  • Third, the concrete’s metal stripped, control joint and floor’s cream layer were unsightly.  Metal strips are no longer common, but when used, they create a larger crack line and often show rust as the metal breaks down.

Our decorative chip, epoxy/polyaspartic coatings were a great fix for all the problems above.


Spalled concrete on apron of Gettysburg area garage fixed by STRONGHOLD FLOORS.
Concrete spalling on garage apron.
Concrete hardness test of Gettysburg area garage by STRONGHOLD FLOORS.
Hardness test of garage floor.
Metal zip strip creates ugly crack in Gettysburg area garage.
Metal zip strip creates ugly crack.

When Steve (our former PA territory manager) visited the home, he explained how our crews could remove the metal strip in the floor’s control joint (zip strips, metal or plastic, are placed during the original pour to create the stress point for any cracking due to the concrete curing process’ shrinking).  After removal, the crew would fill the joint with an epoxy joint filler, specifically designed to work with the main coating system.

Steve used a hardness testing kit to determine the concrete surface was harder than it appeared.  Our crews always ensure they properly prepare the floor’s surface, but knowing ahead that the concrete is harder than normal saves time by starting our mechanical diamond grinders with diamond impregnated tooling designed for harder concrete.

Note: Our crews carry diamond tooling for soft, normal, hard and extra hard concrete on the trucks.  We also have special tooling for the grinders that speed up removal of old coatings, glues and other topical materials.

Coating this residential garage was no problem.  Applied in our normal two days, one of our Mechanicsburg based crews was able to coat this garage floor just 13 days after visiting for the quote (this quick turnaround really depends upon time of year, as we are sometimes booked 6 weeks out for all of our crews).

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