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Garage Gets Baltimore Blend Decorative Chip Floor

One of our many stylish chip blends that will elevate your garage.


Project Details at a Glance

LOCATION Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (Cumberland County)
PROJECT Garage Floor Coatings
COATING SYSTEM Decorative Chip, Epoxy & Polyaspartic Polyurea
FLOOR SIZE 383 Square Feet
YEAR 2023
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Garage Floor Gets Baltimore Blend Chips

This garage in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania received a decorative chip flake floor installed by STRONGHOLD FLOORS using the Baltimore Blend. While this blend is a little less commonly used, the tan, black, and white flakes will compliment almost any garage. The homeowner also went with our medium gray epoxy as the base coat. The top coat consists of a clear, polyaspartic polyurea coating with 46 aluminum grit.

The majority of garage floors that we coat often contain numerous cracks, spalling, and stains from contaminants such as oil. This garage floor was no different. Epoxy crack fillers were used to fill cracks. The cracks in this garage were shallow enough to be filled and coated on the same day.

The pictures below are in order of our installation process.

Depending on the severity of damage to the concrete surface, STRONGHOLD FLOORS may have to take an extra day to make sure the concrete surface is repaired and prepared optimally.


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