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Hanover neighbors upgrade their Garage Floor Coatings!

No more failing epoxy floor paint for these York county homeowners.

1 Just like the major car manufacturer, our garage floor coatings are Dog Approved!
2 Garage coatings complete!
3. Coatings nearly complete. Our team is finishing the application of the polyaspartic, polyurea clear coat.
4. Sullivan chips on this two car garage. Saw cut, control joints remained open (unfilled).
5. Loudoun chips on this 3 car garage. Homeowners painted the stem walls in gray to coordinate with the floor color.
6. Wide shot showing our Sullivan chips in this 2-car garage in Hanover, PA.
7. Finished look all around (floor, stem walls, steps) for this Hanover home.

Project Details at a Glance

LOCATION Hanover, Pennsylvania (York county)
PROJECT Garage Floor Coatings
COATING SYSTEM Decorative Chip, Epoxy & Polyaspartic Polyurea
FLOOR SIZE 2 car (Sullivan) & 3 car garages (Loudoun)
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Two Hanover neighbors upgrade their Garage Floor Coatings at the same time

Two families in  Hanover recently upgraded their neighboring garage floor coatings. The larger, 3 car garage received our Loudoun decorative chip blend.  The smaller, 2 car garage got our garage floor epoxy & polyaspartic coatings in our Sullivan blend.

Both of these garages had an acrylic Cure-N-Seal product applied to the concrete floors. Most likely, the sealer was applied right after the concrete was placed.  Subsequently, the builder had applied DIY garage epoxy paint kits, which were doomed to fail for several reasons:

  1. the sealer was still present, which immediately creates a bond breaker
  2. the type of garage floor paint kit was the type found at big box stores which have poor adhesive and protective properties

Our crews were easily able to grind through both the floor paint kits and the sealers with our powerful, planetary grinders.  Once surface preparation was complete, they completed any necessary crack fill and surface repairs.



The chip blends used on these two garages are newer to STRONGHOLD FLOORS (in 2017 at time of install). We created the Loudoun blend for a customer in Hershey/Hummelstown area (PA) who used it in his detached garage/barn.  It replaces failed “spray down” polyurea coatings, which the builder recommended at the time.  This homeowner also has our coatings in his main, attached garage. The main garage has our Adams chip blend, which is essentially the Loudoun blend without the reddish flakes.

The Loudoun blend is placed on a gray epoxy binder coat.  The Sullivan blend is placed on a tan epoxy binder coat.  These chip blends are then sealed with our polyaspartic clear coatings.

There is more information on the 3 car garage’s overall project in the following blog post: Garage Floor Epoxy – Done! Now it’s time to paint.

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