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Huge Garage in Maryland Gets Floor Coating

New Cockeysville home gets garage floor coated.


Project Details at a Glance

LOCATION Cockeysville, Maryland (Baltimore County)
PROJECT Garage Floor Coatings
COATING SYSTEM Decorative Chip, Epoxy & Polyaspartic Polyurea
FLOOR SIZE 1073 Square Feet
  YEAR   2023
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Huge Garage in Maryland Gets Floor Coating

This new construction in Cockeysville, Maryland received a decorative chip, epoxy floor installed by STRONGHOLD FLOORS. Because the home was new, there were zero cracks or spalling present in the concrete, making the installation process smooth. The garage has a unique layout, complete with a bathroom and tons of room for storage.

The decorative chip flooring in this garage is comprised of:

  • Base coat: 100% solids, tan epoxy with full broadcast of chips.
  • Top coat: Clear polyaspartic with 46 grit aluminum oxide.
  • System color: Berks 1/4'' decorative chip blend on tan.

The coating on this garage floor followed our standard installation steps. First, we ground the concrete to a surface profile of two (2 CSP) using a combination of hand grinders and a diamond grinder. Next, we vacuumed the residual concrete dust. Once the concrete was vacuumed, we coated the surface in 100% solids, tan epoxy and saturated the layer with the Berks 1/4'' decorative chip flakes.

The crew then returned the following day to allow the epoxy coating to cure properly. Before we applied the top layer, our crew removed any loose chips or pieces of chips that were sticking up. Once the floor was scraped, we applied the top coat of clear polyaspartic polyurea with a 46 grit aluminum oxide traction additive.

The floor was able to be walked upon the very next day, and cars were able to drive on it within 48 hours. Homeowners should note that, depending on outside temperatures, the floor coating may take longer to set. If the temperature outside is less than 50 degrees, we advise you to wait an extra day before using the floor for vehicular traffic or returning heavy items.

While most residential garage jobs take only one and a half days to complete, it's important to note that every job is different. Other factors, such as cracking, spalling, or severe weather can impact the length of an install. Start your project today with a free quote!

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