Pool House in Alexandria, VA gets epoxy coatings

Pool House in Alexandria, VA gets epoxy coatings.

No more ugly floor paint & rubber mats

Project Description

Pool House floor gets epoxy face-lift at Bren Mar Recreation Association

We recently assisted the Bren Mar Recreation Association with renovations to their Pool House/Guard House (located in Alexandria, Virginia).   Renovations were completed in time for a normal, annual opening around Memorial Day.

Pool house upgraded with professional epoxy coatings from Stronghold Floors.

Pool house upgraded with professional epoxy coatings from Stronghold Floors.

The association chose our epoxy coatings to replace the existing floor paints and rubber mats for the following reasons:

  1. In some locations, the existing floor paints were peeling.
  2. The rubber mats used over the floor paints held moisture and were difficult to clean/remove trapped dirt & debris.
  3. Generally, the existing flooring solutions were unsightly.
  4. They knew our coatings have been used successfully in commercial pool houses in northern Virginia, northern Maryland and central Pennsylvania.
  5. Stronghold Floors could tailor the decorative chips used in the epoxy & polyurethane  coatings to their desired color pallet.
  6. We are a licensed Virginia contractor in the Commercial Improvement Contractor specialty.

This 1,500 square foot flooring project required our crews to remove old paints, coatings and glues.  We utilized several different types of tooling under our HTC floor grinders to fully remove all floor paint and glues; ending with the concrete’s surface ground open to white concrete.  We also needed to repair typical concrete cracking and a more extensive issue with corner of the pool house’s concrete slab.

What about our epoxy coatings around a residential pool?

While we do not apply our coatings around actual pools, our coatings are regularly used in residential pool houses – both new and existing.   Inside the pool houses, we typically install our decorative chip or decorative quartz coatings.     We do not recommend smooth, metallic epoxy coatings in environments where the user’s typically have wet, bare feet.

Content here.Regarding the actual concrete pool deck, the simplest option is to seal the concrete with a soak-in, hydrophobic sealer such as CSF-21 Silane/Siloxane Penetrating Sealer.  More can be learned in the article:  Protect Your Concrete In-Ground Swimming Pool Deck With Sealer.

Concrete pool deck sealed with CSF-21 sealer.

Concrete pool deck sealed with CSF-21 sealer.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Bren Mar Recreation Association
  • Date June 9, 2016
  • Tags Commercial Coatings, Decorative Chip Coating

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