Epoxy cove base in Enola, PA garage

Epoxy cove base in Enola, PA garage.

Includes SpeedCove and custom backsplash

Project Description

Coatings applied to Backsplash and SpeedCove cove base system too!

Installed Location: Enola (Cumberland County), Pennsylvania

This West Shore two-car garage didn’t just get a new coating. The homeowner also had us install 6″ SpeedCove cove base system around the walls. Once installed, our crews applied the epoxy floor coatings to the cove base, floor and a special backsplash (the homeowner installed the backsplash).

Application of a cove base system is NOT typical in residential garages. It’s more typical of commercial kitchens, restrooms and wash rooms.x

System Description:   The decorative chip floor coating in this garage is comprised of:

  • 6″ SpeedCove – the cove base received the same coatings as the floor.
  • Base coat: 100% solids, gray epoxy with full broadcast of chips.
  • Top coat:  Clear Polyaspartic with 46 grit aluminum oxide

System Color:   Adams 1/4″ on Medium Gray   – This is one of the most popular color blends in the United States.   It is extremely popular in Maryland and northern Virginia.   Our PA crews install it most often in the Philadelphia area.

System Usage:  This is a daily use garage with two vehicles driving and parking on the coatings.

This garage had plain, unsealed concrete floor before our coatings were applied.

Before our epoxy garage coatings and cove base were applied to this Enola garage.

Before cove base and epoxy/polyaspartic coatings were applied.

After cove base and epoxy coatings were applied.

After cove base and garage floor coatings are applied.

Cove base is available in 4″, 6″ and 8″.   The 8″ is rarely used, except in special commercial and light industrial installations.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Enola PA homeowner
  • Date June 25, 2014
  • Tags Decorative Chip Coating, Epoxy/Poly Garage Floor Coating, Recent Projects, Residential Coatings

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