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This SlideShare highlights two dozen of our epoxy coatings projects.   These highlight just a small sample of what our 2 locations have completed.  Since 2011, our crews have coated over 5,000 floors.  These projects range from hundreds to tens of thousands of square feet.

Most garages projects are normal garages, where homeowners park their vehicles and store their stuff. These one, two or three bay rooms don’t all hold antique or high performance automobiles, or play host to collectibles or art work. You can start with a plain old garage. Get a floor coating from Stronghold Floors and it becomes a special space for you.

We displayed these photos at the Pennsylvania Home Show and the Maryland Home & Garden Show.

Lancaster garage gets epoxy floor coatings from Stronghold Floors.

Lancaster garage gets epoxy floor coatings from Stronghold Floors.

Why doesn’t Stronghold Floors appear at more home shows?

Given our large service area, there are over 4 dozen different home & garden shows throughout the year.  Many are every small venues or draw very small crowds.  Due to our consistent production schedule, it’s difficult for our staff to setup and attend more than a few key shows located fairly close to our two operations (Mechanicsburg, PA and Baltimore, MD).


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  • Date March 14, 2016
  • Tags Basement Coatings, Commercial Coatings, Decorative Chip Coating, Epoxy/Poly Garage Floor Coating, Metallic Epoxy Coating, Residential Coatings, Solid Color Coatings

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