Production Floor-Owings Mills MD

Production Floor-Owings Mills MD.

Coatings replaced in Baltimore County

Project Description

Installed: Production Floor Coatings at Marsilli North America (Baltimore County), Maryland

Issues addressed by Stronghold Floors

  • Replaced worn and damaged epoxy coatings.
  • Cleaned up joint lines.
  • Improved slip resistance by adding aluminum oxide to epoxy coatings.
  • Added aisle ways using tile red epoxy and striping all aisles with safety yellow epoxy.

Production Floor Coatings to the Rescue!

Our Baltimore based crews completed the removal of the old epoxy coatings and installation of the new epoxy coatings in several stages.

Each area was first coated with two coats of medium gray epoxy.   The aisles were specified by the customer and our crews outlined them with tape.  Once verified, the tile red epoxy was installed.   Afterwards, the line striping was outlined with tape and filled in with safety yellow.

The tile red aisles allow safer traversing of the production floor. The safety yellow epoxy helps to highlight the aisles and caution visitors to stay within the aisles.

Epoxy line striping added to production floor.

Safety yellow epoxy separates the tile red and medium gray epoxy coatings.

Three colors of epoxy used to rejuvenate the production floor.

New epoxy coatings applied to production floor.

Our production floor coatings can vary greatly.  This particular floor only required a 20 MIL (DFT) epoxy coating on the main floor.   Many of our production customers require a higher impact floor, which usually involves reinforcing the epoxy with sand or quartz.  And, if high solvent resistance and scratch resistance is required, an additional urethane layer is added.

If extremely high chemical resistance or heat resistance is required, we may use our Novolac coatings.  Again, for higher build, sand or quartz may be added to increase the thickness and compressive strength of the coatings.

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Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Marsilli North America, Inc.
  • Date August 12, 2014
  • Tags Commercial Coatings, Recent Projects, Solid Color Coatings

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