Garage Coatings - Before & After

Garage Coatings – Before & After.

See the difference our garage coatings make

Project Description

Before & After Garage Floor Coating Pictures

Nothing shows off how much our coatings improve a garage as much as the Before & After pictures.  Check out these beautiful garage coatings.

These pictures visually show exactly what our epoxy/polyaspartic, decorative chip garage coatings provide for the residential garage:

  1. protection against the wear and tear from daily vehicle traffic
  2. protection from the chemicals that attack and destroy concrete
  3. aesthetic appeal that plain concrete cannot provide
  4. ability to hide restoration work for cracking, spalling, rebar expansion problems, salt damage and acid attack
  5. improved reflectivity from the garage’s lighting
  6. a replacement for short term sealers and the low quality epoxy paint kits sold at paint, hardware and big box stores

Many of these garage coatings projects were a part of a complete garage makeover with storage cabinets and organizers.   Some of the projects were completed when we were PremierGarage  of Central Pennsylvania and PremierGarage of Maryland, where we installed the floor coatings and the cabinetry/organizers.   Others were completed in combination with some of our organizational partners in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Most garage coatings take only 1.5 days, but some of these garages had significant surface damage and required 1 or 2 extra days.    For those with really large cracks that had exposed rebar, the loose concrete had to be chipped away, primed with a low-viscosity concrete and filled with an epoxy/sand mortar.   The excess materials were ground off prior to the main floor’s surface preparation.

More Pictures of Garage Coatings

More pictures are available at:

We will continue to add more Before & After pictures over time.   Unfortunately, we did not take before or after pictures of over 4,000 garage coatings we have installed since 2004.   But, we promised to do better, thanks to changes in technology (i.e. smart phones).   If you have a before and after picture of your Stronghold Floors garage, send your garage coatings pictures to

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client MD, PA & VA Homes
  • Date April 11, 2014
  • Tags Decorative Chip Coating, Epoxy/Poly Garage Floor Coating, Residential Coatings

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