Hummelstown Barn & Garage

Hummelstown Barn & Garage.

Replaced failing "spray down" coatings.

Project Description

Repeat Customer coats his Barn/Detached Garage

Installed Location: Hummelstown (Dauphin County), Pennsylvania

Hummelstown barn has failing floor coatings.

Failed spray-down coatings.

When we first met this homeowner in 2011, he asked us to quote his attached, 2 car garage.  The garage had been coated with a system similar to a Rhino Lining.  Whatever surface preparation that had been done under this coating was either inadequate or the materials had setup too fast (not allowing a proper mechanical bond).   We quoted the project and told the homeowner it would take 3 days (we were not sure that some of the coatings were not well bonded and wanted to allow time to get back to bare concrete).

On day 1, we found that the coating just peeled off.  So, the guys cut the coating into long strips and literally hand stripped the floor.   We ended up completing that floor in just 1.5 days.

Custom chip blend in this Hummelstown detached garage.


Fast forward 3 years and we were back to coat his detached garage/barn.  Same fast removal of the spray down coatings.  While his attached garage featured one of our standard colors, he chose to modify that blend for the barn, introducing a maroon chip into our Adams 1/4″ decorative chip blend.  And, for the apron, another blend created by the homeowner to create a transitional effect from the main floor to the stamped concrete outside.

Removing the coatings was easy, again!  We filled the open saw cuts with epoxy joint fillers and turned the “garage” floor and the “barn” floor into one monolithic surface.

Our coatings were applied around his 2 post, bolted in-place vehicle lift.  The customer had removed the base trim from all of the drywall so that the coatings would terminate under the new trim.   In the “barn” area, our coatings were cut-in right up to the plank wood.

Hummelstown barn features epoxy coatings on concrete floor.
Epoxy goes right up to the wood walls in this Hummelstown barn.


Some Facts About Hummelstown

  1. Our second customer project (garage floor coatings, cabinetry and organizers in 2004) was located in Hummelstown.  That customer went on to purchase another home in the same town and he had us apply coatings to the home as well.   His sister-in-law and 3 neighbors soon followed suit and had us apply decorative chip coatings to their garages too.
  2. After Mechanicsburg, our 2nd highest concentration of customers in Pennsylvania is in Hummelstown.
  3. On of our most memorable projects and customer lives in Hummelstown.  We call him Big Tom (he looks very similar to Hulk Hogan).  He has a photo of himself with Hulk Hogan.  He also has an extensive collection of sport and movie memorobilia.
  4. Hummelstown was originally named Frederickstown after it’s founder, Frederick Hummel.

Epoxy coatings applied to the garage several years before the barn.

Attached garage we coated several years before the barn.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Hummelstown homeowner
  • Date October 27, 2015
  • Tags Decorative Chip Coating, Epoxy/Poly Garage Floor Coating, Residential Coatings

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