Hummelstown garage gets concrete repaired & epoxy coatings

Hummelstown garage gets concrete repaired & epoxy coatings.

Garage had major salt damage & cracking

Project Description

Hummelstown garage needed some repairs & professional coatings

Installed Location: Hummelstown (Dauphin County), Pennsylvania

When Steve met with this homeowner, he knew we could help.  The garage’s concrete slab had considerable pitting from road salt damage.  Plus, it had a higher amount of cracking than normal, probably due to lack of any control joints.   Top all that off with oil stains and tire marks, they had one ugly garage floor.

Hummelstown garage floor after initial grinding and crack chasing.

This was the garage floor after initial grinding, crack chasing and cutting of “footers” in the salt damaged areas.

Hummelstown garage after epoxy mortar repairs.

Garage floor after skim coat of epoxy mortar and final round of surface grinding.

Steve explained that to make this look like our typical decorative chip, epoxy coating our crews would need an extra day to skim coat the damaged areas with an epoxy mortar.  That mortar would cure overnight and then the crew would grind it flush with the existing concrete surface.

Decorative chip coatings work best when coating over concrete floors that require a lot of crack and surface repair.

This garage also featured concrete steps, landing and stem walls (the vertical concrete rising to meet the drywall).  Steve advised the homeowners to have us apply the chip finish to all horizontal, concrete surfaces and use a solid color (in this case gray) to all vertical surfaces.  The contrast created by the two different styles of coatings makes it easier to see the walls when parking and the steps when entering the home.

Lastly, the homeowner didn’t want to see the chip blend on the aprons, so Steve suggested an all black coating – comprised of black epoxy and jet black flakes (with a polyaspartic mid and top layer – since this was a double broadcast of the black flakes to enhance UV resistance).

System Description:   This 485 square foot garage floor coating is comprised of:

  • Base coat: 100% solids, Medium Gray epoxy with full broadcast of flakes.
  • Top coat:  Clear Polyaspartic with 46 grit aluminum oxide

System Color: Adams Blend 1/4″

System Usage:  This is a daily use garage with two vehicles driving and parking on the coatings.

The repairs required in this Hummelstown garage are not uncommon in Pennsylvania. Our crews regularly need to apply these repair mortars in the State College and Harrisburg areas.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Hummelstown, PA homeowner
  • Date September 17, 2015
  • Tags Decorative Chip Coating, Epoxy/Poly Garage Floor Coating, Recent Projects, Residential Coatings

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