Kevin's garage has new epoxy floor coatings

Kevin’s garage has new epoxy floor coatings.

Baltimore County team member

Project Description

Kevin got his garage floor coated

In the past 2 years, our Maryland and some Virginia customers have met Kevin – one of our Territory Managers.  In February of 2022, Kevin completed his garage enhancement project – complete with our decorative chip, epoxy/polyurea garage floor coatings.

We asked Kevin to answer a few questions about his garage makeover project.

1) What was the condition of your floor before the coatings?
Our floor’s condition was fairly average in my opinion compared to the other garages I see each week. No surface spalling or large cracks. Just some thin, minor cracks and dings. The previous homeowner had applied a Do-It-Yourself epoxy paint coating that was primarily worn away. There was a section in the front left corner that appeared to be dry paint with some debris stuck to it.

2) How did you store your garage contents during the process?
We stored our contents mostly in our shed and some valuable items in our finished basement. We were able to discard items during this process which limited the amount of items to store. With the storage we had available outside the garage, we did not need to rent any storage solution.

3) How did you select your decorative chip blend? Why that blend?

Somerset Chip Blend


We chose our decorative chip color, Somerset, based on our interior color scheme. Our house has been fully renovated inside with black, white and gray colors in a modern classic theme which tied it either to Adams or Somerset.

The garage is our main entrance way and this seemed to be the most cohesive option vs matching the exterior which is a lighter yellow/cream color. We decided to not coat the apron (concrete beyond the garage door) which kept the exterior balanced in color.

4) Do the new coatings change how you will utilize the garage?
Our new epoxy floor coatings will not change how we use the garage. For us, the garage is our entrance, storage and parking for both of our vehicles. We did add storage units to create a more uniform, neat appearance. We believe the new storage will keep us from cluttering up the garage space again.

5) Did the overall experience fit with how you explain it to other homeowners (as a member of the Stronghold Floors’ sales team?
The experience is exactly how I explain it to homeowners. The installation process and the communications before and after installation were completely in synch with how I describe it to our customers.

6) Why did you wait so long to get your garage floor coated?
The delay in having our garage floor coated came down to the addressing all facets of the garage. The combination of cleaning, storage and in our case a fresh coat of paint wasn’t something we wanted to address separately.  Now that the coatings are installed, it is definitely a major improvement over the previous floor.  We should not have waited so long.

7) What do other members of your household think about the new coatings?
We all love the color and finish. With the new floor, garage organization and wall paint, we are focused on keeping it clean and organized.

8) Has anyone else (outside of your household) seen the coatings? If so, what did they say about the coatings?
We have had some neighbors comment on our garage. They all love the appearance and how neat it is. They commented on how it feels to the touch and surprised with the grip under your shoes. Most of our neighbors appear to use their garage for storage only. There are a couple who went the DIY paint kit route and are now contemplating this system for their garages.

Want to have a garage floor like Kevin’s?

Request a free quote today.  If you are lucky enough to be in Kevin’s service territory, you can ask him about his garage floor in-person.

Our team member in Middle River, Maryland got his garage floor coated.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Kevin, Middle River, MD
  • Date March 29, 2022
  • Tags Decorative Chip Coating, Epoxy/Poly Garage Floor Coating, Recent Projects, Residential Coatings

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