Machine Tool Distributor Showroom

Machine Tool Distributor Showroom.

Heavy Duty Epoxy Coating in Reading area

Project Description

Installed Location:    Sinking Springs (Berks County), Pennsylvania

System Description:   This approximately 125 mil (1/8″) epoxy floor coating is comprised of:

  • Base coat:   100% solids, pigmented epoxy with full broadcast of sand
  • Mid coat:    100% solids, pigmented epoxy with full broadcast of sand
  • 1st Top coat:  100% solids, pigmented epoxy
  • 2nd Top coat:   Pigmented, “High Wear” urethane

System Color:   Medium Gray

System Usage:  Precision Machine Tool Solutions demonstrates their line of machine tool, CNC and turning systems on our coatings.   This system was chosen to:

  • Tolerate heavy loads (high PSI) from the equipment and forklifts used to place the equipment
  • Provide a high sheen and ease of cleaning
  • Provide VERY high scratch resistance
  • Provide UV stability under the florescent lighting

All cracks were filled prior to the coatings.   Prior to coatings, the floor was approximately 10 different slabs.    Using appropriate epoxy joint fillers, the floor was stitched together into 3 different slabs.  The remaining joints were filled with color matched urethane caulk.

Coating System Installation Details

Several days before beginning the main floor preparation and coatings, one of our crews chased out all cracks and saw cuts with our shrouded crack chasers.    Once cleaned out and vacuumed, they added backer rod into the cuts and then filled with epoxy joint/crack fillers chosen for their rigidity and ability to withstand some movement.   These materials were overfilled to allow subsequent grinding to make flush with the main floor surface.     All metal posts were cut off or pounded into the slab and the open holes and spalls were also filled.

To allow PMTS staff to still come and go, all main floor activities were timed to allow the PMTS staff to walk protected areas of the floor each day.   The breakdown of coatings is as follows:

On a Wednesday of the following week, we prepared the entire surface with our diamond grinders.  As 3 phase power was present, we were able to utilize our largest class of surface grinders which weigh in excess of 1100 lbs.   This allowed us to rapidly prepare the over 4000 square feet and get a deep scratch pattern for an excellent bonding profile.   After additional surface repairs, the entire surface was cleaned. Then, after PMTS staff had left, the entire concrete floor was coated with a thick layer of epoxy and hand broadcast with sand until the surface was saturated.

On Thursday afternoon, the excess sand was removed and the entire surface was once again coated in a pigmented epoxy and broadcast with sand until refusal.

On Friday afternoon, the excess sand was removed and a pigmented layer of 100% solids epoxy was applied in a very heavy layer, where most of the profile from the sand was overcome.

On Saturday, with no PMTS staff present, we applied a pigmented, aliphatic urethane with a tabular aluminum additive that creates a very scratch resistant final coating.

Several weeks later, the remaining open joints were filled with a gray caulk to allow the coated floor to move where the heaviest loads transitioned across pads, but still act as a seamless surface.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Precision Machine Tool Solutions
  • Date September 22, 2012
  • Tags Commercial Coatings, Solid Color Coatings

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