Mechanicsburg Garage Floor Coating

Mechanicsburg Garage Floor Coating.

Coatings for a complete garage makeover

Project Description

Installed Location: Mechanicsburg (Cumberland County), Pennsylvania

This residential garage floor was coated with our Epoxy/Polyaspartic system as part of a complete garage makeover. Our coatings process required 2 days to complete. The following day, the garage floor coating system was ready for the cabinetry and wall organizers to be installed by another central Pennsylvania company.

System Description:   The decorative chip floor in this frozen yogurt shop is comprised of:

  • Base coat:   100% solids, pigmented epoxy with full broadcast of our Adams chip blend.
  • Top coat:  Clear polyaspartic

System Color:   Adams on Medium Gray

System Usage:  This is a daily use, three car garage. The advantages of a polyaspartic topcoat are:

  • Resistant to road salt, gasoline and oil
  • Very resistant to the wear and tear of automobile wheels and road grime
  • Excellent resistance to ambering or dulling

Coating System Installation Details

On day 1, our two man team prepared the concrete floor surface by mechanically diamond grinding the entire surface. All edges were ground using 7 inch hand grinders. The entire surface is vacuumed clean, then the base layer of epoxy was applied. The medium gray, 100% solids epoxy was evenly applied to the entire surface and the decorative, acrylic chips applied to refusal.

On day 2, a crew scraped and removed all excess, loose chips from the surface. After vacuuming the entire surface, the clear, high solids polyaspartic coating is applied. An aluminum oxide is broadcast and back-rolled into the clear coat. The addition of this material aids in slip resistance and increases the longevity of the clear coating.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Homeowner in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Date January 27, 2014
  • Tags Decorative Chip Coating, Epoxy/Poly Garage Floor Coating, Residential Coatings

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