Mechanicsburg Garage with Lamborghini on Epoxy Coatings

Mechanicsburg Garage with Lamborghini on Epoxy Coatings.

Pearl Green Gallardo looks AWESOME!

Project Description

Mechanicsburg garage with Lamborghini on Epoxy Coating

This homeowner knew, without a doubt, he wanted a professional floor coating.  There was no parking this 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo on just any epoxy floor paint.  He certainly wasn’t going to waste his time with a epoxy paint kit from the big box stores.

He did research.  He looked around online and kept seeing us in search results.  He contacted us and the rest is history.

Home was new construction.  Concrete was in good shape and separated into four pads by saw cuts.  Since the garage had little time since construction, the homeowner chose to leave the saw cuts open.

The 410 square foot garage was coated in 1.5 days with our Franklin 1/4″ decorative chip coatings.

8/28/2015 UPDATE – We made it back to this garage to take more pictures.   We’ve added 14 additional pictures of this cool car.

Couple Notes About This Car

  • The Gallardo is the best seller of Lamborghini and produced between 2003 and 2013.
  • This car is in Verde Ithaca (pearl green).
  • You can learn more about it at the Lamborghini-Talk forum.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Date August 18, 2015
  • Tags Decorative Chip Coating, Epoxy/Poly Garage Floor Coating, Residential Coatings

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