Potomac Garage gets Epoxy Flooring Solution

Another Potomac Garage Floor.

Residential Garage Flooring Project

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Epoxy is Solution for this Potomac Garage

Installed Location: Potomac (Montgomery County), Maryland

Since 2014, we have worked on several projects with Kandel Construction Group (http://www.kandelconstruction.com/), Design Remodelers from Potomac, Maryland.  This year, we have several more projects to complete for Kandel Construction Group.  And, we greatly appreciate the referrals they have also provided.

This portfolio shows our first interaction in September and October of 2013.  Dave worked with their designers on coatings and color selection for a two car, attached garage and a detached, over-sized 4 car garage.  The garage floor coatings were only one step in what was a whole house remodel.

The total project was almost 2,000 square feet of coatings, broken up into three areas.   Color selection was our Dauphin 1/4″ decorative chip.  Concrete steps in the attached garage were also coated.  The attached garage also required some minor repairs of the concrete surface and shrinkage cracks.

The large detached garage featured tall enough ceilings to sport a basketball net.  Creating a basketball court area with painted down lines was discussed, but the designers followed our recommendations of not using painted lines instead using vinyl adhesive tape.   This allows the lines to easily be removed when the court was no longer in use – which will help preserve the high-end look of the building and it’s resale value.

Baltimore crew completing epoxy coatings in Potomac garage.

Baltimore crew completing epoxy coatings in Potomac garage.

More Potomac Garages with Epoxy Coatings

Since 2004, we have completed over 100 garages in Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase and Bethesda areas.  Some other portfolios to review are:

If you want to complete a total garage makeover, we have several organization partners who can assist with storage and organization systems.   Just contact us and we can provide those partners details.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Potomac, MD homeowner
  • Date October 12, 2015
  • Tags Decorative Chip Coating, Epoxy/Poly Garage Floor Coating, Residential Coatings

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