Retail Store uses Epoxy Coatings

Retail Store uses Epoxy Coatings.

Beverage Distributor in York PA

Project Description

Installed: Retail Epoxy Coatings at Queensgate Beer Barn (York County), Pennsylvania

In 2013, we assisted with the fit-out of the new beverage sales location in the Queensgate Towne Center in York, PA with installation of decorative chip and solid color, epoxy coatings. The space was converted from a restaurant and required extensive floor clean-up.  The customer was moving an existing retail store from the Mount Rose area of York to this larger, more trafficked location.

The owners of the Queensgate Beer Barn approached us to assist them after having used our epoxy coatings in a very large, car barn which holds a private car collection.   In addition, several employees of their other business have used our garage floor coatings services in Pennsylvania.

Issues addressed by Stronghold Floors

  • Finish removal of mastic and glue.
  • Fill holes and penetrations in the concrete slabs.
  • Correct transitions from multiple concrete pours.
  • Fill cracks and joints in the showroom floor so that new epoxy coatings would be seamless.

Retail Epoxy Coatings to the Rescue!

In 4 days, our crews transformed the retail and warehouse areas.   Two days were required for all of the repairs, patching and surface preparation.

Once complete, the 5500+ square feet of retail/showroom sported our 1/4″ decorative chip coatings.   The warehouse area has our solid color coatings on it.  In total, we applied epoxy coatings to over 7,500 square feet of the concrete floor.

All epoxy coatings were completed in a seamless manner, which makes cleaning and maintaining the epoxy coatings very easy for the staff of the Beer Barn.   Aluminum oxide was added to the epoxy and polyaspartic topcoats for added wear protection and to increase the slip resistance for foot traffic.

To learn more on how we accomplished this projects and the customer’s feedback (1 year later), read the blog – Project Profile: Queensgate Beer Barn’s Epoxy Floor




Queensgate Beer Barn with epoxy coatings

York business uses epoxy coatings from Stronghold Floors in it’s showroom and warehouse.


Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Queensgate Beer Barn
  • Date July 30, 2014
  • Tags Commercial Coatings, Decorative Chip Coating

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