Who installs Garage Floor Coatings in Harrisburg, PA?

Who installs professional garage floor coatings in Harrisburg, PA?

Lot’s of people do, some professional, some not. Some painters do using DIY kits. Some unlicensed, uninsured “contractors” do.  But if you want it done properly by an insured, licensed professional team, look no further than us – Stronghold Floors.  We have been installing garage floor coatings in Harrisburg and the surrounding area since 2004.  Our coatings have been featured in the Pennsylvania Parades of Homes every year since 2005.
Garage floor coatings in Harrisburg and Central PA by Stronghold Floors

What makes our solutions appropriate for the Harrisburg area?

The concrete floors and walls all received epoxy coatings with decorative flakes.
The concrete floors and walls all received epoxy coatings with decorative flakes.[/caption]
First, our floor preparation is not weather or temperature dependent. No acid etching here; we mechanically prepare all surfaces with our planetary diamond grinders, edge grinders and crack chasers.

Second, we have different blends of our epoxies and polyaspartics for hot weather, cold weather and temperate weather.   No one size fits all use of a unproven chemical system or cheap DIY materials.  We are also the experts in cold weather coatings – having installed garage floor solutions year round for over a decade.

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Third, our garage coating systems are not just beautiful, but also very protective for your garage floor. No more surface damage from road salt and other chemical attacks.  No more stains from oil, road tar, grass clippings and tire cleaners.

Who else uses our garage floor coatings in Harrisburg and surrounding areas?

Besides the thousands of Pennsylvania homeowners who have used our garage coatings services, we also are the choice of these homebuilders:

  • Landmark Homes
  • Carricato & Sons
  • Barefoot Homes

And, we have also installed the same or similar floor systems in local warehouses, production floors, retail floors, laundromats, airplane hangars and fire stations.