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Retail Epoxy Floor Coatings by STRONGHOLD FLOORS

Decorative coatings for Stores, Restaurants, Salons, Laundromats, Kennels & more

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Retail requires a great looking floor to show off your product and services.    Whether it’s a salon, car parts store or a yogurt shop, we have a retail floor coating solution for you.

With a retail floor coating system from STRONGHOLD FLOORS, your store will look great and make maintenance easier.

  • Customizable to your corporate colors
  • Available in artistic, unique looks
  • Feature abrasion resistance to avoid wear paths
  • Tweak the colors to hide dirt or focus customers eyes on the shelves
  • Brightens up small, tight spaces
Restaurant and brewery floor coatings in Mechanicsburg, PA
Auto parts store in Pennsylvania
Proper floor coating systems for a retail floor include Decorative Chip, Metallic Epoxy coatings and Solid Color coatings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Retail Floor Coatings

Why is a retail floor coating better than VCT tile or carpet squares?

VCT tiles and carpet show wear paths after just a short period of time, if subjected to a lot of foot traffic.  To avoid this, they usually require special janitorial services.   Concrete floor coatings from STRONGHOLD FLOORS only require sweeping and occasional mopping.

What if our retail space has carpet or tile glue on the concrete?

No problem.  Our team can grind away any remaining mastic or glue.

If carpet tack strips left divets or spalls in the concrete, we will fix those items prior to applying the coatings.

What if the space has or had asbestos tile?

Asbestos tile and mastic (glue) must be removed by a qualified abatement company.   While we have the proper equipment, our company is not licensed to perform the abasement (removal).  

Contact us to discuss your project and we can often recommend an abatement company.  

See our blog - Asbestos in Your Home and What You Can Do - to learn more.

Can a logo be placed in the floor coatings?

We can install logos into the coatings.  Depending upon the system, some logos may or may not display well.  Also, logo placement may increase the difficulty of changing the layout of the space.

The logo must be of something the coatings purchaser/customer has the legal rights to use under trademark/copyright laws.

What if the general contractor has to cut the existing concrete floor to install new plumbing?

This is a common situation for our commercial “fit-out” or retrofit customers.   We can clean up and/or repair the cracks, humps, depressions and other damage caused by the routing of new plumbing.  

Can the floor coatings also be applied up the walls for a few inches?

When coatings are applied vertically a few inches, it is normally done by coating specialty cove base designed for proper coating adhesion.

In many situations, installing an appropriately colored vinyl cove is a betters solution.  Vinyl cove can be removed later if changing wall and room layouts and allow easier installation of base cabinetry.

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