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Customer Service requests (CSRs) are typically scheduled during cooler months (October - April) or when a crew will be near the customer's location.

Warranty Notes

  • Coatings installed by STRONGHOLD FLOORS in MD, PA & VA are covered by the appropriate STRONGHOLD FLOORS warranty (garage, basement, other residential, commercial).
  • Coatings installed by PremierGarage of Central PA are no longer warrantied. Trip charges and repair fees will apply to customer service requests.
  • All coatings installed by PremierGarage of Maryland, EncoreGarage of Maryland or SpaceEnvy are not warrantied by STRONGHOLD FLOORS.  The MD-based company who operated these entities ceased operations in 2014.  Trip charges and repair fees will apply to any customer service request where the coating was installed by one of these three entities.


Items not covered by active warranties

  • Normal wear & tear
  • Scratching of the coatings due to dragging or sliding items across the floor coatings.
  • Damage caused by improper maintenance or repair, abuse, misuse, fire, water, acts of God or other events beyond Stronghold Floors’ control including, but not limited to, holes cut or drilled into Stronghold Floors products, and damage caused by improperly maintaining the floors.
  • Attempted repair or removal of Stronghold Floors products by anyone other than Stronghold Floors or its authorized dealers.
  • Damage, including dulling of the finish, due to improper cleaning methods (for Care and Maintenance Instructions, click the orange button above.
  • Products that have not been installed by Stronghold Floors or its authorized dealers.
  • Products that have not been paid for in full by buyer within terms of the contract with Stronghold Floors.
  • Damage caused by a hydrostatic water problem, moisture vapor permeating the concrete slab (ex: osmotic blistering, alkali-aggregate reactivity, expansive contaminants, efflorescence or corrosion of embedded objects), moisture intrusion or exposure to battery (and other strong) acids, solvents, brake clean or brake fluid.
  • Delamination caused by improper substrate condition, or an internal failure of the substrate.
  • Delamination, chipping or cracking of coating material on wood, metal, plastic, brick or block surfaces and vertical walls/surfaces (regardless of material).
  • Cracks in the substrate prior to or occurring after the installation of the Floor Coating system due to curing, thermal conditions (expansion and contraction), vibration, settling, movement, heaving or shifting.
  • Bulging, cracking or dis-bonding of repair materials due to expansion / contraction and vapor pressure. Cracking or bulging of joint fillers.
  • Coatings applied over existing, non-Stronghold Floors coatings, paints or sealers.
  • Rust stains appearing above, within or below the coatings.

Do not allow Brake Clean to come in direct contact with garage & basement floor coatings.

Do not cover the coatings with rubber mats or materials with acrylic backing.

Do not pressure spray the coatings to clean them. Follow the Use & Care guidance provided (see the orange button above).