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Site Readiness Checklist

The checklist below will assist you with determining if your project site is ready for arrival of the Stronghold Floors crew. If any of the items are deemed “Not Ready”, call your Stronghold Floors salesperson to discuss if the items will require a delayed installation date or if the Not Ready item can be overcome (keeping the scheduled install dates).

1 ______ ______ Driveway or parking area to coatings project area is paved (or has heavy stone base) and accessible to our box trucks.
2 ______ ______ Doors to area receiving coatings are clear for at least 8 feet. Garages need 8 feet clear around each bay door.
3 ______ ______ Area receiving coatings has all doors and windows installed.
4 ______ ______ Area receiving coatings is dry and concrete has cured at least 30 days.
5 ______ ______ Area receiving coatings has functional lighting.
6 ______ ______ Area receiving coatings is clear of all items and broom-swept.
7 ______ ______ Area receiving coatings will not have other activities or contractors present, nor anywhere adjacent that may cause materials, debris or persons to enter the area receiving coatings.
8 ______ ______ No painting has occurred within 72 hours in the area receiving coatings.
9 ______ ______ No painting will occur in the area receiving coatings until at least 72 hours after coatings installation.