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STRONGHOLD FLOORS Offers Premier Garage Floor Coatings

Don't just park in your garage. Enjoy your garage!

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Garage Floor Coatings

It takes than more just a kit or product purchased at a hardware store.  It takes experience. Experience with the correct floor coatings materials and the correct surface preparation process.

Our staff has been applying garage floor coatings since  2004.    With over 7500 garages coatings installed, we have the experience required to do the job and do the job right the first time.

Forget about those PVC plastic tiles (see 5 Problems with Plastic Garage Floor Tiles) and other garage floor coverings.  Don’t waste your time and $$$ on DIY garage floor paint.  We install long-lasting garage floor coatings to meet every homeowners’ needs.

Chester blend, epoxy garage floor coating from STRONGHOLD FLOORS.
All STRONGHOLD FLOORS garage floor coatings are:
  • multi-layer
  • stain resistant
  • scratch resistant
  • chemical resistant
  • warrantied
STRONGHOLD FLOORS - garage coatings layers chart
Surface Prep By Diamond Grinding

Step 1 - We Prepare The Surface

Our installers mechanically prepare your garage’s concrete floor coating the same as our commercial and industrial customers.

Edges and small surfaces are prepared by our extensive array of hand-grinders. Best of all, we capture the dust with our special dust collection vacuums.

We repair the surface.

Step 2 - We Repair The Surface

After surface grinding, our installers will fill the cracks with the appropriate epoxy or polyurea materials.

Any remaining surface contaminants are removed and surface damage (spalling, divots, peeling) is repaired with industrial repair materials.

STRONGHOLD FLOORS applying epoxy coatings in the garage prior to applying decorative chips.

Step 3 - We Coat The Surface

Our installers will apply your garage’s floor coatings using industry standard techniques.

Our floor coating systems utilize industrial grade materials applied at the proper film thicknesses, temperature ranges and environmental conditions.

Edge work is completed by hand.

5 reasons to coat your garage floor with our epoxy & polyaspartic coatings

  • Turn your garage into a warm, inviting multi-use room.
  • Protect your most abused floor from road salt, oil, rust, acidic cleaners, corrosives and grass stains.
  • Reduces slip and fall accidents.
  • Make cleaning easy (like any other solid surface floor) – no more pressure spraying.

5 things STRONGHOLD FLOORS does NOT do!

  • We do not organize your closets or garage. Nope. Sorry. We are coatings experts, not closet organizers.
  • We do not paint your walls or offer low-quality epoxy paint kits from the big-box stores. We only install professional grade coatings.
  • We do not install acrylic overlays, epoxy stone and other hard-to-clean surfaces.
  • We do not play pricing game$. No bait & $witch. No one-day-only deal$. We provide free, straight-forward quotes with no obligations.
  • We do not have silly coupons or gimmicks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Garage Floor Coatings

How long does it take to install my garage coating?

The typical one, two or three car garage requires only 1.5 days. If extensive damage is present, an additional day may be required. Regardless of floor condition, it never takes long to get a premier garage floor finish.

How long until a vehicle can walk or drive on the new garage floor coatings?

Under most conditions, pedestrian traffic can return within 12 and vehicular traffic can return in 24 to 48 hours after completion.   Our staff will give you a specific date and time based upon the system installed and current weather.

Is warm weather required to install coatings in my garage?

Our garage floor coatings may be applied year round.   Unlike epoxy paint kits, our garage floor coatings do not require a warm concrete slab (substrate), nor does it require warm air to cure.  We have successfully applied our garage coatings in temperatures as low as 15 degrees.

The customer does not have to provide any heat or cooling to the garage.  If your floor does have radiant heat, we will work with you to set the appropriate temperature during the coatings process.

See Garage Floor Coatings in Winter? to learn more.

Will the cracks be filled by the epoxy coatings?

The main floor coatings would not necessarily fill in cracks in the concrete surface.   Our installers will repair cracks and spalls prior to installing the layers of floor coatings.

What is the most common floor coating system for a garage?

Our decorative chip/flake coatings are the most common - not only for us, but also nationally.  

They are available in many different colors and blends.

Decorative chip coatings create a premier garage look.  These epoxy floor coatings do the most for increasing functionality in a daily use garage.

System Highlights
  • Simulates look of terrazzo or granite
  • Hides dirt, grime and debris
  • Provides excellent scratch and chemical resistance
  • Easily repaired if damaged
  • Features a orange-peel finish and includes a non-slip additive
  • Helps ease the look of wavy floors or floors that slope to drains

Does my garage need an epoxy moisture vapor barrier?

Typically, an epoxy moisture vapor barrier is unnecessary. Properly constructed garages that are at or above grade will have a stone base under the concrete slab. So, moisture vapor emission rates (MVER) will be very low.

Garages that are below grade or located in geography that has high water tables may have a high MVER, but often the issues can be mitigated by leaving the control joints (saw cuts) open.

Our garage experts can assist you with this determination. Beware – there are companies who will include moisture vapor treatments as part of their standard offering which is usually unnecessary & greatly increases the price of the overall garage floor system.

How does this differ from an epoxy paint kit?

The short answer is the garage epoxy paint kits sold at the big box stores are really just fortified paints.   Our garage floor coatings are industrial grade polymers designed for high adhesion and high performance.     For a more detailed explanation, see these articles in our Blog:

What if my garage floor has a sealer on it?

No problem.   Our surface grinding equipment can cut through sealers, garage floor paint kits and overlays.    More often than not, we are removing some former, failed attempt to protect or enhance the concrete.

Our installation teams have a tremendous amount of experience in all types of removals.   We have completed projects where our installers  removed over 10 layers of paint that was applied over a 50 year period.    Even sticky, uncured DIY kits can easily be removed.

Why don't you acid etch the concrete prior to coating?

Preparing a concrete surface using the acid etching process is messy, dangerous and often ineffective.   While this process is typically used by the Do-It-Yourself epoxy paint kits, all reputable and experienced floor coating companies will prepare the concrete with a mechanical form of surface abrasion, such as diamond grinding or shotblasting.

Diamond grinding is the most effective and productive form of surface preparation for a residential garage floor.  It is how our teams will prepare your garage.

What if I have a garage floor covering system installed (tiles, mats)?

Plastic tiles?   Garage Floor mats?   Just remove them several days prior to the arrival of our coatings team.    It allows the concrete to properly air out and dry.   Often, garage floor coverings trap moisture and can even create odor and mold issues.    There may be a odor after removing the floor coverings, but that odor will not be an issues after we install our coatings.

To learn more about garage floor coatings vs. garage floor coverings, see Protecting Your Garage Floor: Coating vs. Plastic Tiles.

Is this a dusty or messy process?

During the surface preparation, we utilize special vacuum systems to collect the concrete dust and debris. While our staff vacuums several times during the process, trace amounts of dust or the decorative chips may be found on top of window sills or doors.

How should I clean out the mess in my garage?

Clearing out the clutter is a great way to start a garage project (or any room in the house for that matter).  Check out this great guide from Budget Dumpster:  How To Declutter Your Home

Have more questions your garage floor project?

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STRONGHOLD FLOORS installed epoxy coatings in this Maryland garage.
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