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Showroom Floor Coatings by STRONGHOLD FLOORS

Durable epoxy coatings for Automotive, furniture and other showrooms (plus design centers)

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Make the right statement when walking onto your Showroom floor

Warehouse floors see a lot of traffic - foot, forklift and pallet jacks.  Having a smooth, seamless (when possible) floor reduces wear on equipment and trip hazards.   An epoxy coating, after necessary repairs, can protect or rejuvenate your warehouse floor, creating a safer, brighter environment.

With a warehouse floor coating system from STRONGHOLD FLOORS, your staff will be happier and your customers impressed.  

  • Available in many colors and several finishes
  • Ranging from thin-mil (foot traffic only) to high build (lots of fork traffic)
  • Feature high chemical and scratch resistance (protects against sliding ware stock and chemical spills)
  • Available in special acid and solvent resistance (including full containment)
  • Reflective coatings help brighten the areas and pathways
Precision Machine - epoxy showroom floor by STRONGHOLD FLOORS
Proper floor coating systems for a showroom floor include Decorative Chip, Metallic Epoxy and Solid Color coatings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Showroom Floor Coatings

Can just part of the showroom have coatings?

Certainly.  Coatings can terminate at tile, carpet, a concrete joint or other transition point.

The transition does not have to be in a straight line either.   

What if our showroom floor currently has carpet, tile or paint on it?

Once carpet or tile has been removed, our concrete surface grinders can remove leftover glue or mastics.   Any floor paint will also be easily removed by our planetary grinders.

When is a solid color coating a better option for a showroom?

Solid colors work great when the items to be displayed need to really pop from the floor surface.  Items that already contain a lot of color may need a solid surface to contrast against.

When is a decorative chip a better option for a showroom?

Decorative chip (flake) coatings work great when a dirt and debris may be carried in by foot (or vehicle) traffic and airflow.   The variations in the chip blend can be tailored to hide specific colors and allow the floor to be clean between actual cleanings.

When is a metallic epoxy a better option for a showroom?

Metallic epoxy coatings, while highly artistic, work best only when usage is light.  The nature of metallic coatings makes them harder to keep looking shiny, streak-free and scuff/scratch free.

Metallic epoxy coatings work best in light foot traffic only situations.  Examples of more ideal usage are hallways, offices and other smaller rooms.

Does it matter if vehicles are parked for long periods of time in the showroom?

It does not.  The coatings will not be affected by the weight of the vehicles.

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