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Warehouse Floor Coatings by STRONGHOLD FLOORS

Durable coating solutions for Distribution Center, Stockroom & Ware Shed floors

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Impress your customers when they visit your facilities!

Warehouse floors see a lot of traffic - foot, forklift and pallet jacks.  Having a smooth, seamless (when possible) floor reduces wear on equipment and trip hazards.   An epoxy coating, after necessary repairs, can protect or rejuvenate your warehouse floor, creating a safer, brighter environment.

With a warehouse floor coating system from STRONGHOLD FLOORS, your staff will be happier and your customers impressed.  

  • Available in many colors (including clear) and several finishes
  • Ranging from thin-mil (foot traffic only) to high build (lots of fork traffic)
  • Feature high chemical and scratch resistance (protects against sliding ware stock and chemical spills)
  • Available in special acid and solvent resistance (including full containment)
  • Reflective coatings help brighten the areas and pathways
Warehouse coatings in York, PA
Proper floor coating systems for a warehouse floor include Decorative Chip (small facilities) and Solid Color coatings (including sand reinforced and containment).

Frequently Asked Questions about Warehouse Floor Coatings

Why is a warehouse floor coating better than floor paint or polished concrete?

Unlike floor paint, warehouse floor coatings from STRONGHOLD FLOORS are going to stay bonded to the concrete substrate, tolerate the chemicals exposures/spills and tolerate the daily wear-and-tear.

Unlike polished concrete, the coatings can be  easily rejuvenated. Once polished concrete has actual wear patterns, the surface generally cannot be just touched up. And, polished concrete requires constant cleaning and densifying to hold up to heavy traffic.

Our warehouse floor coating systems consist of epoxies, urethanes and/or polyaspartics. 

What if our warehouse areas are already damaged or stained?

No problem.  Prior to applying any coatings, our teams will prepare the concrete using the following methods (as necessary):

  • degreasing
  • shot-blasting
  • diamond grinding
  • crack chasing and fill
  • spall repair

Whatever is needed, our teams will get the job done right!

Is this the same as floor paint?

No.  Floor paint kits will lack the bond strength, durability, chemical resistance or longevity of our epoxy coating systems.

Our warehouse floor coating systems will outlast and outperform any paint or coating system purchased at a big box, paint or construction supply store.

STRONGHOLD FLOORS warranties all of our projects.  If we cannot provide a warranty, we do not do the work.

What happens if we have wear paths in our warehouse coatings years in the future?

No problem.  We can “re-open”  the worn areas by mechanically abrading the coating system which will allow a new layer or layers of coatings to be added.

Our teams will then apply new coatings to the affected areas to bring them back to "new" condition and those coatings carry our normal warranty.

Need to break out your warehouse coatings project into small areas?

Not a problem.  We often have to work large spaces in smaller chunks to keep business moving along.  

Need to contain numerous chemicals in your warehouse?

Contact us.  We have helped many customer determine exactly what is the appropriate type of Novolac or other polymer coating that can provide the needed level of containment required.

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