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Bel Air MD garage replaces DIY epoxy paint kit.

Replacing hardware store epoxy paint kit with professional coatings from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Project Details at a Glance

LOCATION Bel Air, Maryland (Harford county)
PROJECT Garage Floor Coatings
COATING SYSTEM Decorative Chip, Epoxy & Polyaspartic Polyurea
FLOOR SIZE 640 Square Feet
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Bel Air home features ceramic tile and professional coatings in garage.

This project came to us as a referral from another customer in Churchville. When this home was built, the homeowner had the builder place 12″ tiles around the back and two side walls. After moving in, the homeowner applied a Do It Yourself, epoxy paint kit from Home Depot to the floor. This epoxy paint not only didn’t look very good, it also didn’t last long – beginning to peel from underneath the vehicle tires almost immediately.

When Dave first visited the home to show samples and provide a free quote, he noticed that the vehicles were all parked on rubber tiles to prevent additional pealing of the epoxy paint.  The rubber tiles looked out of place and created a place for water to get trapped and create musty odors.  He also discussed with the homeowner the reasons for the 4′ ceramic tile border, not something we see very often in mid-Atlantic region garages.

Keeping with the existing color scheme in the garage, the homeowners picked out our Cumberland decorative chip blend (no longer offered).  Since the epoxy paint kit was applied to the concrete apron (the garage floor that traverses under the garage doors to the driveway), the homeowners asked us to replace the apron paint as well.

Replacing the DIY epoxy paint

The crew from our Baltimore location who completed this 640 square foot project said the epoxy paint was easily removed by our mechanical diamond grinders.  They just had to take their time doing the edge grinding along the tile’s metal termination strips.

To ensure the ceramic tile was not messed up, it was covered in plastic.  This made cleanup much easier as dust and the acrylic paint chips did not get all over the tile, thereby creating more clean up work than necessary.

More About our Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings in Bel Air, Maryland

  •  Since 2004, we have applied epoxy coatings to more than 100 garage in Bel Air, Maryland.
  • Using Census numbers from 2010, that means we have coated almost 2% of the single family households located in Bel Air.
  •  After we applied coatings for two “retired” homeowner in 2008-2010, those two individuals decided to open a garage enhancement company in Delaware (now defunct). Some may see this as more competition.  We think it’s just a nice compliment that our services are so visually stunning, it leads some to want to join the business.
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