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Commercial Decorative Colored Quartz Floor Coatings By STRONGHOLD FLOORS

A heavy duty, colorful solution for Commercial floors!

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Quartz Coatings = Extreme Strength + Optimal Durability

  • Available in 25 standard blends (shown below)
  • 60 uni-colors and 2 sizes for great variety
  • Creates a very high compressive strength (2x higher than typical concrete)
  • Perfect for heavy duty applications
  • Common choice for commercial and industrial application, such as:
    • commercial kitchens
    • restrooms
    • kennels

NOTE: STRONGHOLD FLOORS does not recommend or install Decorative Colored Quartz coatings in residential applications, such as garages or basements. 

Epoxy with decorative quartz for a commercial bathroom floor by STRONGHOLD FLOORS.
Epoxy quartz on commercial bathroom floor by STRONGHOLD FLOORS.

Our Decorative Colored Quartz Blends

Available in two sizes; our most popular blends have a “*” by the name
Quartz Blend QB-101 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-102 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-103 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-104 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-105 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-106 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-107 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-108 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS

QB-108 *

Quartz Blend QB-109 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-110 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-111 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-112 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS

QB-112 *

Quartz Blend QB-113 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-114 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS

QB-114 *

Quartz Blend QB-115 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-116 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-117 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-118 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-119 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-120 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-121 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-122 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-123 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-124 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS


Quartz Blend QB-125 from STRONGHOLD FLOORS



The color samples above are For Demonstration Only. The actual colors may vary from what is shown on the website and the individual’s display.

Frequently Asked Questions about Decorative Quartz Systems

What protects the quartz granules?

Any of our decorative quartz floor coating systems will feature a clear, protective layer. That layer may be UV resistant epoxy or, more often, a UV stable polyaspartic, polyurethane or polyurea.

Our staff will assist you with proper system selection based upon where the system will be installed, how the system will be used and the conditions to what the system will be subjected.

What is a common use for decorative color quartz floor coatings?

A decorative colored quartz system may be found in any of the following:

  • Animal Facilities
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Break Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Dog Kennels
  • Firehouses/Fire Stations
  • Locker Rooms
  • Production Floors
  • Ramps
  • Restrooms
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Workshops

How many layers of quartz are used?

Decorative colored quartz systems are normally done in a dual broadcast. In a dual broadcast system, the decorative quartz granules are bonded on top of a colored epoxy or colored polyaspartic. Once the excess granules are removed, an intermediate layer is applied using a clear epoxy or clear polyaspartic to bind the 2nd layer of quartz granules. Finally, a clear, protective top coating is applied. This type of system is typical of heavy abuse commercial installations and fully exposed, outdoor installations.

Why are there two sizes of quartz granules?

The smaller size is typically used in decorative, dual broadcast systems found in heavy use commercial installations.   The larger size is typically used in slurry/broadcast or trowel down systems found in some industrial sites.

The smaller size quartz granule is used far more often.

Decorative Colored Quartz Coating System
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