Dover basement floor transformed

Dover basement floor transformed.

No more water damaged carpet

Project Description

Dover basement gets floor makeover

Epoxy replaced carpet in this Dover basement.

Before carpet glue and tile mastic were removed.

Stronghold Floors completed all repairs on the concrete prior to coating.

All spalls, holes and cracks needed filled too.

Installed Location: Dover area (York County), Pennsylvania

Having water in your basement is painful.  The first time, you deal with it and hope it will not happen again.  The second time, you make changes.

This project moved quickly after the 2nd round of water in the basement:

  • Carpet and tile removed.
  • Everything out of the basement!
  • Call Stronghold Floors to arrange free quote.
  • Pick color of epoxy.
  • Get on the operations schedule.

The 1,200 square feet we coated is broke up into numerous rooms, including a rec room, bathroom, closet, laundry room and mechanical areas.

Color is light gray, which kept everything bright and makes an easy color to add contrasting throw rugs.  While most homeowners choose our decorative chip or metallic epoxy for their basements, there have been a lot of basements where they wanted the real “color” to come from accent rugs or other decorations.

To learn more about basement coatings, check out:

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Dover PA homeowners
  • Date November 20, 2015
  • Tags Basement Coatings, Residential Coatings, Solid Color Coatings

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