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Production Floor Coatings By STRONGHOLD FLOORS

Industrial grade coatings for all types of Manufacturing, Fabrication & Assembly floors

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Show off your Operation with pride!

Production can be messy. No one wants to walk their prospects and customers across a dirty, stained production floor.

With a production floor coating system from STRONGHOLD FLOORS, you can increase productivity, decrease cleaning, enhance existing lighting and be PROUD to show off YOUR operations.

  • Available in many color options
  • Range from thin-mil to high build
  • Feature high chemical and scratch resistance
  • Available in special acid or solvent resistance (including full containment) and electrostatic dissipative [ESD]
  • Reflective and brightens the room
STRONGHOLD FLOORS - Epoxy Coatings for Production Floors.
Epoxy production floor by STRONGHOLD FLOORS in Owings Mills, Maryland
Proper floor coating systems for a production floor include Decorative Chip, Colored Quartz and Solid Color coatings (including sand reinforced and electrostatic discharging).

Frequently Asked Questions about Production Floor Coatings

Why is a production floor coating better than VCT or paint?

Unlike floor paint or VCT tiles, a production floor coating from STRONGHOLD FLOORS is going to stay stuck to the concrete, tolerate the chemicals (lubricants, sprays, fuels, anti-freeze) and hold up to  the daily wear-and-tear.

Our production floor coatings utilize industrial grade epoxies, high-wear urethanes and rock-hard polyaspartics. 

No floor paints here. No tiles to replace. 

Just long-lasting, high performance coatings.

What if our floor is heavily damaged and stained?

No problem.  Prior to applying any coatings, our teams will prepare the concrete using the following methods (as necessary):

  • degreasing
  • shot-blasting
  • diamond grinding
  • crack chasing and fill
  • spall repair

Our goal is to make every floor a showpiece.

Is this the same as an epoxy paint kit?

No.  Epoxy paint kits or garage floor paints are essentially fortified latex/enamel paints or high-filler epoxies.  Neither of which has the bond strength, durability, chemical resistance or longevity of our epoxy coating systems.

All of our production floor coating systems will outlast and outperform any paint or coating system purchased at a big box, paint or construction supply store.

STRONGHOLD FLOORS provides real world warranties for all of our projects, because we know our coatings work.  

Can you rejuvenate existing production floor coatings?

Yes, if the existing coatings are structurally intact.  All good, professional coatings can be “re-opened” by mechanically abrading the coating system which will allow a new layer or layers of coatings to be added.

Whether it’s a cosmetic face-lift or time to add some additional impact/chemical resistance, we are here to help.

What if we need anti-static floor?

We offer electrostatic dissipative flooring (ESD) coatings which are conductive for allowing static electricity to flow through it and discharge at the grounding point.  

What if we need to contain numerous chemicals?

Contact us.  Our team will work with your chemical list to determine what is the appropriate type of Novolac or other polymer coating that can provide the needed level of containment required.

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