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Service Bay Concrete Floor Coatings By STRONGHOLD FLOORS

Long lasting coatings for Automotive, Truck & Fleet service garages

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Improve safety, visibility and cleanability of your service garage!

Get a floor solution that works as hard as you do!

Service bay floors take a lot of abuse.   Constant traffic.  Chemical drips and spills.   Constant cleaning.

With a service bay floor coating system from STRONGHOLD FLOORS, your facility will look good with a durable, long lasting protective coating.

  • Available in many colors with different builds and final finishes
  • Ranging from thin-mil to high build (sand reinforced)
  • Options include high chemical and scratch resistance urethanes
  • High-wear traction additives are available
  • Reflective coatings make it easier to work under vehicles and find dropped items
NGP-Service Bays with Epoxy Coatings in Lorton, Virginia by STRONGHOLD FLOORS
Heavy truck repair service bays coated with epoxy and urethane
Proper floor coating systems for a service bays are Solid Color coatings which may be sand reinforced and/or utilize special high chemical resistance urethanes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Service Bay Coatings

What is a typical service bay coating?

This falls into a Good, Better, Best scenario.  A good solution may be simply two coats of our industrial epoxy.  Better adds a high-wear, high-chemical resistance urethane above the epoxy layers.   The best solution is often a sand-reinforced epoxy system (sand between 3 layers of epoxy) finished with the fore-mentioned urethane.

Urethane coatings are usually required in service bays if brake-cleaning materials will be sprayed above/around the service bay coatings.

What if our Service Bays are old, raw concrete and already used?

Our team will determine what is necessary to degrease the concrete surface.  In some scenarios, an oil-stop primer may be required prior to applying the normal service bay coatings.

In worst case scenarios, shot-blasting may be required to remove a thin-layer of the existing concrete, which exposes non-contaminated substrate to allow proper bonding.

Can the epoxy coatings be applied around the vehicle lifts?

Absolutely.  Most often, the lifts are just locked in their uppermost position for the duration of the coatings project.  

If the lifts have leaked fluids around their base, our team may apply special primers or replace small areas of the concrete surface prior to applying the normal coatings.

Do all bays need to be coated at one time?

Nope.  We can work with your business to coat the entire garage in workable chunks.  That way, your business stays open and you get the benefits of our service bay coatings.

Some of our customers have spread the projects out over several months.

How are the service bay coatings cleaned?

We recommend using an auto-scrubber with soft to medium bristles.  Frequency will depend greatly upon how your garage operates and the amount of chemical exposure.  

Why do you typically recommend a solid color coating for service bays?

A solid color coating makes it easier to identify drips and locate dropped tools/parts.  

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