Warehouse Epoxy Coatings-Philadelphia Area

Warehouse Epoxy Coatings-Philadelphia Area.

Clear Epoxy applied near Downingtown

Project Description

Installed: Clear Epoxy Coatings at Sikorsky Global in Coatesville (Chester County), Pennsylvania.

This project was completed for High Associates (building owners) for their tenant.

Warehouse Face-Lift by Thin-Mil Epoxy Sealers

Philadelphia warehouse floor coated with clear epoxy, commercial coating.

Clear, thin-mil epoxy sealers applied to entire warehouse.

When High Associates leased this 40,000 square feet of warehouse space, they needed to upgrade the existing floor. The hard troweled, concrete floor was worn and stained by the former tenant from many years of forklift traffic and production usage. When they first contacted us to look at this project, they asked if we could just apply a acrylic, waterborne sealer to get it ready for Sikorsky Global.

We reviewed the floor and determined that just scrubbing and applying soak-in sealer would not suffice.  With a limited budget, this ruled out a 20+ mil, high solids epoxy coating (or anything greater). We proposed grinding to a CSP 2 finish and applying two coats of clear, two component, water based epoxy coatings.  This product acted as a sealer and gave a 7 MIL, dry film finish.  

By applying these “naked” coatings to the warehouse floor, it improved the following:

  • Lighting: the reflectivity increased which made the warehouse brighter with the existing lighting
  • Clean-ability:  with the entire warehouse sealed, the tenant will only have to do minimal cleaning
  • Visibility: the epoxy finish makes it much easier to pick out dropped or spilled items

Coatesville warehouse before commercial coatings.

Warehouse floor before coatings

Warehouse coated with commercial epoxy by Stronghold Floors.

After we applied clear, epoxy commercial coatings.

Other Recent Warehouse Projects

The same month, our crews also applied 20,000 square feet of high build, epoxy coatings in a Lancaster warehouse. Located in the Greenfield Corporate Center, these coated were part of a retro-fit project that also included another 20,000 square feet of epoxy/urethane coatings in the production area and over 4,000 square feet of anti-static coatings.


Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client High Associates
  • Date December 18, 2014
  • Tags Commercial Coatings, Solid Color Coatings

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