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Porch & Patio Floor Coatings by STRONGHOLD FLOORS

Enhance your entertainment and relaxation spaces with long-lasting coatings!

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Porch floor coatings create the perfect surface for entertaining

Your patio, patio or sunroom is your 3 or 4  season entertainment zone.  Stop entertaining on a stained and cracked surface.  With the proper patio or sunroom floor coating system, the dripping from the grill (or that red wine spill) won’t stain anymore.

Plus, our porch floor coatings are designed with UV resistance in mind, plus the surface texture is enhanced with slip-resistance additives.


  • UV and scratch resistant
  • High impact resistance
  • Impervious to ice melt products
  • Greater compressive strength than the concrete itself
  • Reflective and enhances the basement lighting
Proper floor coating systems for a porch, patio or sunroom include Decorative Chip or Colored Quartz coatings. Typically, these are a double broadcast system.

Frequently Asked Questions about Porch, Patio & Sunroom Floor Coatings

Why is a patio coating better than stamped concrete?

Once your patio floor coatings are complete, you can enjoy them for many years with only minimal maintenance (cleaning the coatings surface).  The final clear coatings (whether polyaspartics or polyureas) can tolerate the sunlight and weather for many years.  We have exterior porch coatings going back to 2005 that have not needed any maintenance.   Our expectation is that patio coatings exposed to full sun year-round will not need a new clear coat for 10-15 years, depending upon installed system.

With stamped concrete, homeowners need to reapply (or pay someone to reapply) the clear sealers.  Stamped concrete sealers are usually acrylics or water based urethane that cannot tolerate the exposure to sunlight and the element for more than a year or two.  Besides the hassle of frequent resealing, these sealers often haze or get milky white upon subsequent applications.

What if my porch currently has outdoor carpet on it?

If possible, the homeowner should remove the outdoor carpet and allow the porch concrete to fully dry.  Our surface preparation process will remove the remaining carpet glue, prior to the application of the porch coatings.

Is a porch coating the same as an overlay?

No.  Normally, the term “overlay” refers to a cementitious type of product that is sprayed or trowel applied.  Overlays are susceptible to shrinkage cracks, during the initial cure and often have the same type of sealer issues as described in the question above.

Will I have to reseal a patio floor coating?

If your patio floor coating is exposed to a large amount of sunlight year round or repeated cleaned with a pressure sprayer, it may require a new clear coatings layer to be applied.  This may be required 5 to 15 years after installation, dependent upon exposure.

This application process should be completed by the staff of STRONGHOLD FLOORS.  The products available to the homeowner or other trades are not compatible with our floor coatings.

Does a patio floor coating need to be pressure sprayed to clean it?

No. Since our porch coating systems have no pores, a pressure sprayer is not necessary for cleaning the surface.  For exterior coatings, a deck brush or broom coupled with a mild cleaner is usually more than sufficient.

For homeowners who still wish to use their pressure sprayer anyway, STRONGHOLD FLOORS recommends setting the wand nozzle to a wide spray on low volume/pressure.  The wand should be pointed out from the operator, never directly down towards the floor.

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