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Barn & Shed Floor Coatings by STRONGHOLD FLOORS

Protection for hard working, utility floors!

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Floor coatings designed for the abuse common to barns and sheds



  • High compressive strength to withstand higher point loads
  • High impact resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Greater compressive strength than the concrete itself
  • Reflective to high with limited lighting common to sheds and barns
Proper floor coating systems for a barn, pole building or shed include solid color (sand reinforced) and decorative quartz coatings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barns and Sheds

Why does a barn or pole building often require higher compressive strength coatings?

Barn and pole buildings are often subject to heavy point loads, such as jack stands, heavy equipment and metal horse shoes.

Point load is a force (weight) applied to a concentrated point. A high point load can be more than the compressive strength of some floor coatings (where the coatings has only the same or less compressive strength as the concrete substrate).  

To provide a higher tolerance to point load, a sand/quartz reinforced coating or mortar system may be needed.

What if the barn has horses with steel horseshoes?

Coatings subjected to steel horseshoes will be scratched or marred over time.  We recommend the use of  heavy rubber matting in the walk paths.  The mats should be moved from time to time to allow moisture to not be trapped between the mats and the coating surface.

Can I weld over the epoxy coatings in my shed or barn?

To prevent marring or discoloration of any coating system, we recommend the use of a welding mat.

If my barn or shed floors was poured without a stone base, can it get an epoxy coating?

Due to moisture vapor transmission through concrete, any concrete substrate that will receive a polymer coating should have a stone base (at a minimum) and a moisture vapor barrier is always better.  

If a coating system is necessary and a stone base does not exist, only moisture tolerant coatings such as urethane mortar systems can be safely installed.

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