Basement Epoxy Flooring in Germantown, MD

Basement Epoxy Flooring in Germantown, MD.

Makes a great home gym!

Project Description

New basement gym in Germantown gets painted with epoxy coatings

Installed Location: Germantown (Montgomery County), Maryland

This 545 square foot area was part of an addition/remodel of the basement.  The homeowners wanted a gym floor that was dust proof, waterproof and easy to clean.  Since our coating systems are seamless, they work very well were a monolithic surface is desired.  They chose our 1/4″ decorative chip coatings, which is also our most common garage floor coating system.

Day 1 in Germantown: Repair, surface preparation and first layer

Our crew repaired all cracks and cleaned up the concrete floor’s transition from an older room to this new area.  Surface preparation was easily completed with our HTC 500 planetary diamond grinders; surface was ground to a CS-2 profile.

Lebanon Chip Epoxy Floor Coating Pennsylvania Maryland Virgnia

Lebanon 1/4″ Chips


After a final vacuum, the team applied a 10-mil layer of pigmented, 100% solids epoxy and broadcast 1/4″ decorative chips into wet epoxy.   The epoxy would cure overnight and be ready for the next layer by the time they returned.

Day 2: Remove excess chips and apply polyaspartic topcoat

The guys returned to scrape and vacuum up the excess flakes.  Once complete, they applied the 9-mil, clear polyaspartic urethane.   This material hardens quickly; allowing foot traffic in just a few hours.

Epoxy paint in basement floor of Germantown, MD.

Epoxy coatings in the mechanicals area of this Germantown home’s basement.

I am thrilled with the new floor coating and so is my wife and daughter. The color theme for my garage is very evident now. Since last Thur I have been working on completing the rest of the garage. When it is complete, I will send you a pic or two.

Jerry and his co-worker were great. They were on time, courteous and very professional…they did a great job!

Dennis in Chevy Chase, MD

Commercial grade epoxy and urethane coatings applied to this Germantown home's basement floor.

Commercial grade epoxy and urethane coatings applied to this Germantown home’s basement floor.

Epoxy Coatings Project Details

  • Client Homeowners, Germantown MD
  • Date November 23, 2015
  • Tags Basement Coatings, Decorative Chip Coating, Residential Coatings

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